How to Cover Economics and Social Issue in 45 Days – RBI Grade B 2019. In this Article we will Discuss how to prepare and cover entire ESI Syllabus for rbi grade b in Just 45 Days by giving daily three Hours. This Article will help you understand the ESI Syllabus in most comprehensive way for RBI grade b , NABARD Grade A and SEBI Grade A Exam 2019.

How to Cover Economics and Social Issue in 45 Days - RBI Grade B 2019                 

ESI Syllabus for RBI Grade B 2019.

Lesson – 1. Measurement of Economic Growth – National Income
Lesson – 2. Economic Development and HDI
Lesson – 3. Poverty, Concept of Poverty Line and Poverty Index
Lesson – 4. Weekly Quiz – I
Lesson – 4. Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 5. Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation Schemes
Lesson – 6. Sustainable Development, SDG & India
Lesson – 7. Environmental Issues and Various Climate Conventions
Lesson – 8. Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 10. Industrial and Labor Policy
Lesson – 11. Monetary Policy and Monetary Policy Committee
Lesson – 11. Weekly Quiz – II
Lesson – 12. Balance of Payment
Lesson – 13. Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 14. Economic Reforms in India – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG)
Lesson – 15. Weekly Quiz – III
Lesson – 15. Role of Economic Planning
Lesson – 16. WTO and India’s Foreign Trade Policy
Lesson – 17. Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 18. World Bank Group, IMF and Other International Financial Organization
Lesson – 19. Regional Economic Corporation and FTA
Lesson – 20. Ministry of Finance and Other Indian Financial Institution Institution
Lesson – 21. Weekly Quiz – IV
Lesson – 22. Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 23. Social Structures In India – I
Lesson – 24. Social Structures in India – II
Lesson – 25. Social Justice and Social Movement
Lesson – 26. Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 25. Weekly Quiz – V
Lesson – 27. Important Government Schemes – I
Lesson – 28. Important Government Schemes – II
Lesson – 29. Important Government Schemes – III + Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 30. Economic Current Affairs – Jan – Feb 2019
Lesson – 31. Economic Current Affairs – Mar- Apr 2019
Lesson – 32. Economic Current Affairs – May – June 2019 + Doubt Clearing Session
Lesson – 33. Mega Quiz – 15th June 2019

Tips to Cover Everything on Time for RBI Grade B 2019.

I. The syllabus is only indicative and not exhaustive. Keeping in view that candidates from different faculty backgrounds apply for the post, the questions in Papers I and III will be basic in nature. 

II. Remember, you don’t have to read the books, you have to read the topics. So always keep syllabus in front of you and Preparation should be topic wise, and not book-wise.

III. Revising whole syllabus twice or thrice will help you score maximum.

IV. Current Portion have high weightage in Exam, but to understand Current you need to understand static First.

How to Cover Economics and Social Issue in 45 Days for RBI Grade B 2019 – There are two ways to cover everything on time, either you do this by your own following various books and Study Materials or You can Join our Live Class in which we will discuss all of these.

How to Join Live Class for Economics and Social Issue

Course Name – Complete Course on ESI for RBI Grade

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Doubt Clearing Sessions – 5

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About this course :- In this course, Brajesh Mohan will be covering complete Economics and Social Issues of RBI Grade B Syllabus which Includes Discussion on Static as well as Current Affairs. 

This course is based on Economics and Social Issue for RBI Grade B 2019. 

This will be one of the most comprehensive courses which will help you cover the whole ESI Portion in just 45 Days.

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